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Aggregators, Service and Content Providers
Provato SMS MMS Gatewayis NCL's enterprise message application development platform used by aggregators to develop and deploy message content applications quickly and reliably without the need to focus on the underlying message technology such as SMS and MMS.

SMS and MMS support - Provato takes care of all the formatting details for SMS, EMS, Nokia and MMS phones and allows the aggregator to focus on the business and enterprise needs of their clients.

Multiple carrier interfaces - Provato can interoperate with multiple mobile networks concurrently, and reliably manage connections with multiple SMSCs and MMSCs. New connections and applications can be configured dynamically without the need to stop and start Provato, giving maximum uptime to all your applications.

Share short codes and connections - Concurrent applications can share message centre connections with Provato allowing the aggregator to maximise resource usage such as SMSC connections resulting in a high return on investment. Flexible message routing between message centres (SMSC and MMSC) and applications is based on message attributes such as content keywords and addresses (source and destination numbers).

Fault tolerance - Messages can be re-routed to other message centre connections (or devices) in the event that existing connections go down.

Scalability - Built on JMS message bus technology, Provato scales very well to high volume message applications. This is important for Aggregators when catering for burst traffic such as that from message games and promotions.

Billing - Information can be extrapolated from message CDRs generated by Provato for billing corporate clients.

Flexible infrastructure costs - Provato can be deployed on high service level grade application server platforms (WebSphere or WebLogic) or free-ware application servers (JBoss) to reduce infrastructure costs.