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  -> Provato SMS MMS Gateway for Enterprises
Provato SMS/MMS Gateway is NCL's message application platform used by the Enterprise to deploy SMS and MMS message applications quickly and reliably that can be shared by users, staff and clients.

Ease of integration - Provato has a number of application interfaces for Microsoft and UNIX platforms to ensure that interoperability is achieved easy and quickly.

Multiple applications - A number of applications can be concurrently share Provato and its resources such as message centre connections and number allocations.

High or low volume - Applications can be deployed with Provato using message centre connections direct to a mobile network operator's infrastructure. Interfacing over cellular devices is done for low SMS/MMS volume applications.

Fault tolerance - SMS and MMS messages can be re-routed to other connections or devices in the event that existing connections are temporarily down.

Flexible infrastructure costs - Provato can be deployed on high service level grade application server platforms (such as WebSphere or WebLogic) or free-ware application servers (such as JBoss) to reduce infrastructure costs.

Scalability - Built on JMS message bus technology, Provato scales very well to high volume message applications.