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Guy sending secure text message

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Why would you want a secure SMS solution ?

Existing SMS infrastructures are not secure.

  • The GSM cryptographic algorithms (A3/A5) used over the air are weak - some can be hacked in realtime
  • SMSs are only authenticated/encrypted over the air and security ends at the base station.
  • Messages can be intercepted, viewed, altered and masqueraded at various stages (SMSC/SS7/SMPP/Internet etc.) between the mobile and a service provider

How can end-to-end security be achieved ?

We (NCL!) have both a client-server and peer-to-peer solution for end-to-end authentication and encryption of SMS messages using advanced cryptography standards.

What security standards is NCL's solution based on ?

The best. Our end-to-end security solution is based on standards that are used by banks. Our solution is based on a combination of PKI, RSA, MD5, SHA, AES, Certificates. Its like a narrow band version of SSL but with additional certificate verification (fingerprinting).

How can I find out more ?

Send an email to or call us on +353 1 6769800 and we will be glad to send you more information including specification sheets.